By Elie - 7:23 AM

We all have them. And sometimes we have to admit, we let ego get in the way and in line with our attitude. Be it good. Be it bad. We all have them. We're not anyone to say we've the better attitude nor are we one to judge if the others have a bad one. Truth is...we're all someone who's no good after all.

We don't take in account of others' feelings. We don't care about how it hurt others. At a point, especially at the brink of our breaking point, we lash out at others. We lash out at the innocent. We blame those who are not at fault. We victimize those who aren't connected.

Hypocritically, we are all people who have an attitude and ego the size of an elephant. It's freaking huge. It's freaking irritating. And it freaking hurts. Our anger comes in. Our anger takes toll. Our fear runs free. Our tears are on the loose. I'm sorry. Because I'm breaking.

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