One child isn't the other

By Elie - 5:42 PM

How often do you walk out and hear a child say that his or her parent would be mad because they aren't as good as their elder sibling? How often do you notice that a pair of twins are placed next to each other to be compared? Truth is, we're all guilty of doing that. Comparing a pair of twins on how they are so similiar yet so different...comparing two siblings of different interests, different heights, different weight and different intelligence before noticing that they are two completely different souls.

Do we see how much we hurt either one though? Do we notice how hard it is for the one who is overshadowed to work out on his or her self esteem later on? Sometimes, sibling rivalry is about saving the other from slacking off but at a point it does more harm than good. Imagine being a teenager hearing about how great your sibling is as compared to you...doesn't it make you feel a little more useless? While some may argue that it helps to make him or her work harder, I beg to differ that it really works. Because being compared with someone of such a close relationship really is something embarrassing. It's like walking out as a celebrity and being compared on who owns a more expensive car.

Being different sometimes isn't a bad thing. Having two people with two different personalities isn't a bad thing. Being versatile isn't a bad thing. So stop making it seem like a sin. Because you don't know who you're hurting.

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