Till death do us part?

By Elie - 9:12 AM

Recently in Malaysia (why do I sound as though I'm in some other country right now?) there's been reports about some "Obedient Wives Club" being set up and sadly, the comments that have been said are just stupid. The feedback? Well, that's even more horrying than the idea of setting up such a ridiculous club. Come on, let's be real about this. Wives are now supposed to be "First class prostitutes"? What's that? A high end whore donning Prada, Gucci or LV as well as wearing a whole bunch of expensive perfume with a gold chain hanging by the neck? Rubbish, I say.

Is sex really the only thing liable in the unity of two souls together? So does that mean that if one is unable to satisfy the lust of their partner, the vow of "till death do us part" is voided? What about love? Respect? Responsibility? Are those to be put aside all in the name of a sexual intercourse and exchange of vaginal fluids from opposite sexes? What about old couples now? I can imagine the sales of Viagra sky rocketing thanks to poor old men who are hoping to "keep the family" together. I'm pretty sure they don't need condoms anymore unless they're looking into "more protection."

It's stupid. Because if sex is the only thing viable in the unity of two souls, I'm never getting married. And let's face it...if a man wants to go out there for a mistress, he'll go whether his wife is good in bed or not.

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