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By Elie - 5:35 PM

Phew...it's been a long day today...but I'm here to talk about TWO days so bear with me if I get long winded. I'll try to cut down and simplify everything for you folks though. See how nice I could be?

So let's start with yesterday. It's the end of April! Wow...time sure flies. We're getting closer to middle of the year now. Not a good sign. And basically month ends are times where we come along and do stock checks. Tough job, lots of math, lots of weighing, lots of counting and lots of headaches. Enough said. We were lucky there weren't many customers around to irritate the crap out of us though. Otherwise, I may just smack the serving tray at someone. And after work, I went off to Plaza Damas in Hartamas for dinner with my family. Initially we were supposed to eat at Rakuzen because my brother says so but there were just too many people there. And service sucked. Big bloody time. Come on people...your food's great but if your service is crap, then you're just no good. So we walked off to TGI Fridays and dined there instead.

 Mine! It's called Friday's Shrimps

 Mum's Keylime Whitefish

 Dad's Fish and Chips. I didn't notice that I should have rotated the plate.

 My brother's Tennessee Burger. Ooo!!!

TGI's weird looking tartar sauce...

There you go...I took some pictures using my phone just for shows. I'm sorry the quality sucks...the lighting needs some serious fixing in TGI. The "romantic" mood just doesn't work. Over all the food wasn't all too bad...so no complains there. Plus, I was hungry and tired so what do I care? We went down to Bangsar to have a few drinks with my cousin-in-law (is there such a thing?!) Gary after dinner and we only got home at midnight. Talk about eventful. I was really tired though...but I still managed to come online and check out the picture that Amber had tagged me in on Facebook and then scrolled through the rest of the pictures she took from New Zealand. That got me thinking...when will I ever be as professional? Okay, that was a joke. Who the heck am I kidding? I've got zero talent when it comes to all these artsy stuff. Hell, I have zero talent in everything.

And now let me tell you about my crazy Labour Day. I was at work! And it was crazy. In the morning, it was pure boredom. We fiddled with our phones, checked through my song list and I refreshed the page of my Facebook about a million times. However at around 3-ish, the crowd just poured in. We even ran out of cups, plates and spoons at a point. We were just THAT busy. It was pretty mad but I'm not complaining. You see, I've been pretty depressed since last night over some things and somehow being busy just took my mind off things. Sigh...but now it's just back to square one. I guess you never really get to escape the wrath of problems after all. But you know what? Being in the service line kinda requires you to smile all the time. Faking smiles? I can do that pretty well now.

P/S: A little girl did make me smile just now though. She was a little girl, probably the age of 2 or so and she was clumsily walking around Border's bookstore, The Curve while I was seated at Starbucks. Her mum was actually sitting at the table next to mine and her dad was chasing after her all over the store. It was quite a sight actually. And all of a sudden, she just ran over to hug me. She was too damn cute so I couldn't help smiling. People are right when they say that kids do the best things to make you happy.

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