By Elie - 4:15 PM

Well...that's another gone, isn't it? If anyone's been getting themselves a good read on the recent suicide case of  Nge Hao Zheng, the 18 year old boy who jumped off the fourth floor of his school after an apparent counseling session then obviously you'd know what I'm talking about.

What makes me sad is that there are people out there who thinks it's a freaking joke. Come on, peeps. What good does it make you to laugh at a tragedy as such? The boy's dead, give him a break. Suicide is no laughing matter and honestly, it shouldn't even be happening in the society. Yet there it is. Clear as ever. Happening as though it's a day to day ritual.

Though some figure that I am way more emotional when it comes to deaths even when I'm not linked to it in any way, I'd still say this: at least I have a heart. At least I'm taking the time to respect the dead and to realize that there are ways of stopping these tragedies. At least I'm thinking of the feelings of the victim's friends and family. At least I'm human.

What are you?

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