Being that person

By Elie - 6:07 PM

Sometimes, we look into the future and we notice that things aren't as we planned. It didn't go as we want it to, and as figured, we're not entirely happy about it. But life isn't always perfect and neither is it always fair. That's something we'd have to accept, whether we like it or not.

It's not always clear why life has to be that way...and neither is it always obvious why our wants are different from our needs. What's clear though is that no matter how difficult things are, there are people who seem to be right there when we need them. It's as though they came from no where and appeared out of thin air. Just a blink of an eye. Just a whiff of fresh air and there they are.

I hope I'm that person in your life. I could be your sibling. I could be your best friend. I could be your enemy. I could be your savior. I could be your guardian angel. I don't care...I just want to be that person. Because being that person isn't easy...but at least it makes me special.

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