Crazy? Crazier.

By Elie - 3:19 AM

Ah...such comfort at letting the cat out of the bag. Now that we're all clear about the boyfriend issue, I suppose it's much more comfortable to be myself at all times around my parents what with the non-stop text messaging and occasional phone calls that ends with a quick "love you". I'm really surprised they're okay with it though. And here I thought I would never have the chance to tell them till I was 21 or something. Oh well.

So anyways as we all know, IT'S FATHER'S DAY TODAY! So here's one to Mr.Carlsberg (okay I made that up) Lam who has been my driver, bodyguard (my schoolmate's words), walking ATM machine, signature provider, teddy bear, chair (I sit on my dad's lap okay?!), guardian, alcohol provider (I kinda just died laughing at this point), whatever else you could possibly think of and most importantly; my dad...

I know half the time you wish you could break my bones, smack my head, slap my face, pull my hair and possibly just ignore me but you don't do any of that because...well you love me. So here's one for you, dad. I love you too. For all that you're bearing with after all these 19 crazy years of fetching me from north to south and back to north, standing up for me when I hid behind you, hugging me when I needed that warmth, holding my hand when we cross the road and being the protective man who's willing to let go yet you're still there...I LOVE YOU!!!

And because recently we haven't been taking photos, I'm going to use a super old photo of us and NOT be embarrassed with my teeth.

ZOMGWTFBBQ My teeth are so ugly!!! And I was so fat!!! No wait, I'm still fat...
I love you, Lam Weng Heng. :D

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