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Xiaxue - 29th June 2011

I urge you to click on that link right there. Because she is who inspired me to have a post today. And just in case your fat fingers were too heavy to be lifted for you to click on that link, here's a quite summary of what it's about. Trust. Yup. The one thing everyone finds difficult to achieve. Especially when it involves two people of opposing genders.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that it's impossible to trust your other half but I'm just saying that...would you REALLY trust someone with your life? Could you imagine lying down by the end of they day with someone who promises you the world but is doing the exact same thing to about a gazillion other girls out there? Of course, not all guys are like that but how many of these rare ones are out there now anyway? A little bit of alcohol, a little dirty dancing and it's on. The party gets hot and the clothes get ripped off because it's apparently "cooler" that way and one thing would lead to another eventually, no?

It's time to look over a little and look from a guy's point of view now. Would you want to lie down next to someone who smells of strawberries or cinnamon apples courtesy to their perfume that they've worn to a ball?  But hey...with all that scent that lingers, how would you know if they've been kissing around? How would you know if they've been getting touches from another man (or God forbid, another woman?) Would you really want to be the one whose heart is at stake?

Let's all admit it. We could look into the eyes of our other half and say "Baby I trust you with my whole life" without blinking but deep down you're doubting yourself. You could be in the arms of the one you would swear to love forever, but would you really? How sure are you that they wouldn't hurt you anyway? How positive are you that your heart is as safe as you think it is?

In my case...well I do trust my boyfriend. I believe him when he tells me that he's just having a social drink or a quick chat with a girl. But he shouldn't stop me from thinking that they'd be in bed together the next moment. It's a natural reaction of fear. All the same, I expect him to be fine with me talking to my childhood guy friends. And all the same, I don't expect him to NOT be jealous. In fact, I'd be a little more afraid if he wasn't. It just means I don't matter to him anymore. Now how sad is THAT?!

There's a limitation to everything though. There's a fine line between being "just a friend" and being a cheating piece of crap. It's a threading line. Thinner than paper, finer than floss and tinier than dust. All there a little faith and believe. We're all humans. We're not perfect. And no, we don't really trust anyone else but ourselves. I'm no major blogger. Go read Xiaxue's post. She's way better.

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