Urbanscapes 2011

By Elie - 4:16 PM

My blog has been abandoned and I feel extremely guilty over it!!! Well anyway I'm here to give it a breath of life, just to let you guys know that I'm still alive and well...just crazily stressed and busy what with college and work. Honestly, I feel a little lifeless and quite robotic with how I live my life right now. I'd either be at work or in college nowadays with an extremely limited social life. My boyfriend is a consolation though. He does try hard to juggle between keeping me happy and getting work done so here I am, thanking him more than anything else.

Anyway...I WENT TO URBANSCAPES 2011!!! Not exactly "went there" though because I was on duty with Mei Xin under The Bee who had set up booths all around Padang Astaka where the event was held. Completely holed up in the X-Fusion booth which was pretty much like a field-turned-clubbing tent that played shitty techno crap with a bunch of people who looked like they were high on weed or something. Disappointing...but nevertheless I would say that it was quite an experience.

My free tickets courtesy of The Bee

Really wish they'd create a band that you can keep for memory's sake rather than a paper that you'd throw away after. I guess they really were trying to save on cost but...sigh...what a waste.

I did however; manage to grab 3 little things after work and they only costed RM 10 for all 3!

Yes sir! This is what I bought! Yes yes yes!

Admittedly, I am crazy over button badges. Big ones, small ones, square ones, rectangle ones, round ones, triangle ones (do they exist?) and honestly just any type of button badge. (Hint hint!) I grabbed these just prior to walking out from the field where the event was held and boy am I lucky to have laid my hands on them. I feel so proud of myself! :)

P/S: I must say that my blogging skills are going down the drain drastically...how sad...but I will be back as soon as my finals are over. MARK MY WORDS, PEEPS! I WILL BE BACK!!!

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