Amy Winehouse

By Elie - 5:55 PM

I really should be studying for my finals this Thursday but here I am, spamming my own blog with my rubbish thoughts. So as you could figure, I'm about to talk about none other than the recently deceased Amy Winehouse.

She's dead. maybe that wasn't a very nice way to say it. Let me rephrase that. She passed away on the 23rd of July 2011 and sadly enough, there are sadists out there who are making jokes about it. A whole lot of people on Facebook were stating that now there would be more space in rehabilitation centers while others said now there would be more drugs and booze for others. Honestly, that sent me up the roof. My blood boiled not because I liked Amy Winehouse (or her hair and scary eye make up for that matter) and neither was it because I liked her music (I personally found them ridiculous) but it was because of the amount of disrespect these people had for someone who had already left the world.

Many would know that Winehouse has been battling with drugs and alcohol addictions which gave her loads of health complications and in a way she looked more like a zombie than a human. My mum called her the "living dead". My dad called her "a waste of talent". My brother...has no idea who she is. Me? I think of her as Amy Winehouse, that woman with crazy eyeliner and a beehive hair. It was weird and scary at the same time. But right now what I think is that she's honestly just better off dead. Not because I'd like a fair share of drugs or alcohol (WHAT THE CRAP?! I DON'T BLOODY DO DRUGS!!!) or because if I need space in rehab (no drugs = no rehab?) but it is because she has been suffering for so long anyway.

If we do read the tabloids (I know I do sometimes) we'd notice that her father had mentioned that her lungs were working on 70% capacity as well as had an irregular heartbeat. Signs of dying anyway? I wouldn't know but I'm pretty sure she felt like life was all a burden. So if you ask me, yes...I do think that Amy Winehouse is better off dead. Not because I am an evil little witch but because I am compassionate enough to embrace the fact that someone should die instead of having to sit down and suffer. Same terminology with having to leave a person in a comatose situation for years and years. Come on, why do you torture them so?

I'd end it here by saying, rest in peace, Amy Jade Winehouse. You were once a talent. I'm sure you'd be remembered by your friends, family and fans worldwide.

And now, I shall go and study.

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