I'm FREE!!!

By Elie - 1:18 PM

My exams are over!!! I feel so...so...so...free right now. I feel relieved and I feel like I'm in cloud nine! Not only am I done with the horrible, nightmare of a freaking moral paper, I'm also done with the bloody assignments!!! Muahaha...celebrate with me, people! No more presentations, no more dreaded nights of doing my computer graphics work, no more sleepless moral studies...NO MORE! NO MORE, I SAY!!!

Right, so I'm probably not in the right mind set at the current moment, but you really can't blame me. This semester has been long, stressful and extremely tiring. I have had PRACTICALLY no rest! Dear God, yes I have lived to tell the tale! From working to studying and back to work...then my cycle continues...man am I glad about the semester finishing.

However, there's only a brief break in between for me...just a quick 2 weeks and then I'd be back to (gasp!!!) a full timetable in semester 3. Yes, you heard me. A FULL TIMETABLE. I'd be in college EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! How boring. And lifeless. And weird. And such waste of time. Such utter...broke-ness. Because I have quit my job, and bills are due to be paid yet I have no means of income...I am more than broke. MORE THAN broke...depicts that I am owing a handful of people a generous amount of money. Sigh...it's the depressive truth...yet I am to face this. Oh well...

Till I'm crazily high again, toodles! :P

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