En Route - Tanjong Tualang's Yew Kei

By Elie - 1:45 PM

Hello there, peeps! Let's let the cat outta the bag...I'm stuffing my face and getting fat in Penang! Teehee...but here I am to give you a quick update about how it was en route from home back to err...home. So we passed by Ipoh (wait...it was just Simpang Pulai / Tanjong Tualang / I-have-no-idea-where-the-hell-I-was) and it was interesting enough that we had managed to find out about a certain restaurant hidden in some place just a week before our trip.

And this place...was called Yew Kee @ Yau Kei (that was what's on the GPS) and it's hidden just around the Tanjung Tualang Pasar, so now you know what to key in if you were to use your GPS and be directed by your little machinery. You could find more information from where I got my information by clicking on this link and interesting enough, I found some things different from what was told.

For one, I found that the Kon Chin Har was actually more tasty than the Qing Jing albeit what the website had said. The oil was far tastier and in a way, simply made my taste bud tingle.

 Steamed to perfection...

Great share of Chinese wine with egg as accompaniment

Lookie at the size of these babies!

Kon Chin Har...

Huge prawns with oil. It was superbly tasty!

That's right! Those were the prawns we had and they were as said, they are only RM 65 for 1 kilograms. The price may vary to the size that you are to order but we had opted for the medium sized ones...

Apart from prawns, we also ordered cuttlefish and paku vegetables. I found it one of a kind, something very special and not found anywhere random. It wasn't like the ordinary cuttlefish and kangkung because they had replaced the kangkung for paku vegetables while the sauce was something with an assam taste so I found it very appetizing.

Cuttlefish and paku vegetables

Also, we were invited to try out their fried oyster (o chien) which was something very different from what is usually seen in Penang. (What am I rambling about? I was in Ipoh!!!) I didn't really try it out because it did not appeal to me at all. However, according to my parents it was just ordinary and bland. Quite disappointing I suppose.

Fried oyster: the Tanjong Tualang way...

Finally, we had...BEANCURD!!! Okay, so I was excited over the fact that my parents had ordered tofu...I love tofu. Hmmm tofu...yum yum yum! (*Slaps*) I mean...it was cooked Thai styled. It was quite normal, very ordinary and nothing special.

Thai styled beancurd. Tangy and slightly spicy but appetizing at the same time.

Of course, right now I shall show you the most important thing of them all. The bill. Hold on to your seats and be prepared to be amazed because the bill came out to a shocking... *drum roll please* RM 150.20 only!!! Yes you read that right! We had all these amazing food for only Rm 150.20 and we had fed 7 people to much contentment. Hmmm just imagine THAT!

The total bill...

A quick breakdown of our food as well as the address of the place...

Our total price that was paid by my brother dearest. Teehee~

Just in case you are interested to look for this place, here's their address as well as contact number. They are open from 11.30pm to 9pm but they do not have a fixed off day so it's always best to give them a call before you head over. The drive to the place is quite the horror because you will have no idea if you really are on the right track or not.

No 1, Jalan Pasar,
31800, Tanjung Tualang,
Perak, Malaysia.

Telephone : 605-360 6686.
Business hours : 11.30am – 9.00pm.

P/S: The toilet is EXTREMELY classy and it's actually REALLY clean. In fact, the freaking toilet looks better than the restaurant itself! I couldn't help myself but to do a quick camwhore!

 Contrary to my face, the toilet actually had no stench at all...I was just being naughty. :P

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