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By Elie - 5:00 PM

So now it's day two of me back in Penang and what's been happening so far has been...lots and lots of food. Which practically means I'm getting fatter by the moment and my waistline is probably screaming at me. How sad irritating. Anyway, I shall just cut things short and let you drool over my yummy foods stuffs.

Brunch @ Hutton Lane's Fook Cheow Cafe. T'was only RM 2.80 a bowl!

 Famous Cendol @ Penang Road. So awesome because it was a really hot day. RM 1.80 a bowl!
(There are two stores right in front of each other so if you're headed there, do look for the one that is RIGHT next to the corner coffee shop. Much yummier!)

A cute little chair we found at the Cendol store. Teehee!!!

 Mee goreng @ The Padang of Fort Cornwallis. RM 4 was a little pricey on Penang standard and when compared, I found it a little sweet. The regular store I visit was closed. :(

Penang's famous coconut jelly. Do look for the very original Joez Coconut Jelly. RM 3.70 per coconut. Jalan Datuk Keramat is where you'll want to be.

Look at that. It's practically no longer the coconut water...just JELLY!!!

Now of course, asides food...there are other things that we did. We went walking around here and there...and here are some stuffs for you to feast your eyes on before you decide to stab me for making you hungry in the middle of the night.

Francis Light at the entrance of Fort Cornwallis... :D

The fields...

 I see, you see, I see a ship!!!

The entrance tickets to Fort Cornwallis. It's only RM 2 per person, per entrance!

Tortoises at Kek Lok Si!!! cuteee!!!

Now let's give you a good break...and start telling you about what I did in the later evening. There's this place in Penang that not many people know about called... THE PENANG DAM!!! I'll just make it's a freaking awesome place!!! The scenery and the serene feel of the place is amazing. In fact, my family and I loved it so much that we walked around the WHOLE damn dam (hehehe my dad and I were talking about this non stop while walking) and it took around an hour's worth of impromptu exercise. But now that we've known about how amazing it is, we've decided to make time to go ahead and have a walk whenever we're back...just so we would go home and not have to buy new pants. Anyway, here we are with a few pictures for you...

It's a waterfall!!!

 Look at how clear the water is!!!

 It keeps flowing...

Non stop, babeh!

And all the water flows down to the dam...

The scenery all the way down!!!

The dam as seen from the lenses of my camera

Where the water comes from...

I have no explanations toward how amazing the place was. To was just breathtaking. It was wow. WOW!!!

Anyway, wait for my next update now...I don't think we'd be doing much...we're all pretty dead beat and tired. Oh and just before I leave, (hehehe) I'm going to show you a few camwhore photos of...ME!

It was crazy windy at Fort Cornwallis!!!

Very sunny too!!!

My brother dearest and I at the Burmese Temple along Pulau Tikus. :D

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