When in Penang, do as the Penangites do

By Elie - 5:16 PM

Day 3!!! This is getting crazy!!! First off...I haven't had proper sleep for a while now. I do miss having a good night's rest but being here isn't too bad. The food thus far is just NYOM NYOM NYOM. I shall not further comment about how amazingly fat I've gotten for as long as I've been home. But that shall not stop me from showing you pictures of yummy food that I've been having!

So today my day started out around 11-ish and before we left home, we had called up the people to reconfirm that they were opened because when we had went there yesterday, they were closed. So where could this place be that we are so dedicated to grab a bite with them? I call it none other than...Line Clear Nasi Kandar!!!

My plate: cuttlefish and fish roes!!!

A nice drumstick. Yummers!

Daddy's plate...fish roes, cuttlefish with fish, chicken, prawn and beef curry. IMAGINE THAT FOR A COMBINATION!

Dear brother's plate that was crazily invaded by ladies finger, cuttlefish, fish roes, fried chicken and drizzled with fish, chicken and prawn curry.

Are you tempted to murder me yet? Hmmm it was such a delicious nasi kandar haven today because we didn't have to fight the crowd possibly because it was the fasting month.

After the nasi kandar adventure, we headed on to just take a ride around town and the first place we visited was the Gurney beach. Boy, was I so bloody disappointed...it was all mud, dirt, debris and rubbish! The sea was there yet it was contaminated to the point that no fishes could possible be around there. Sigh. We then headed on to going on to going round Penang and somehow we found this amazing place called the Teluk Bahang dam (which got my dad and I into another laughing frenzy of finding another "dam" place) and I swear, that place is just as amazing as the Penang dam that we had discovered yesterday!

My darling parents posing at the dam.

The dam at a glance.

Of course, it didn't have the nature that wrapped the Penang dam but it was really windy right there. In fact it was so windy that it blew me a few steps back!!! And hey, it's NOT a joke okay? (I'm not THAT fat after all!!!)

Eventually we continued on our journey and in the middle of NO WHERE (lolx) we had found this little store called Titi Krawang Stall which sold fruits, fruits and more fruits. And so, we sat down and had some durians. (okay disclaimer here that I did NOT have any because I really cannot stand durians as a whole.) It takes a high level of tolerance to have fruits in this stall because loads of bees would come along and stick on the fruits you're having but no worries, the bees have never been to anything but fruits and flowers so they are absolutely safe!

The friendly uncle splitting open a durian!

Uncle giving it all!

Look at all the glory of the durian!

Uncle putting them in a box because we had packed them back for my grandparents.

This is the stall you'd like to keep a lookout for. It really is in the middle of no where, but just keep your eyes open for a stall that says "TITI KRAWANG STALL" with a huge banner that says "ORGANIC DURIANS"

According to the friendly uncle, their durians were "organic" but his idea of organic was that his durian trees were not sprayed with pesticides thus making it extremely healthy. Oh by the way, I do have to mention that when you feast right there, uncle would serve you with free mineral water! Talk about PR and service!
When my family finally finished with their crazy durian adventure, we continued on and adventured away into the Balik Pulau to have none other than...ASSAM LAKSA!!! Yes!!! What is a Penang trip without Assam Laksa?! You are never a real Penangite if you were to ignore the existance and temptations of Assam Laksa!

Om nom nom nom nom nom!!! Will you look at all that prawn paste?!

FRESH nutmeg juice! Such yummers!

"Ambra sui bui". Practically kedondong juice with sour plum.Go figure what that really is because there isn't a proper English name for this green and sour fruit.

Hmm hmm hmm...and the final food picture for today is just something simple and rather bland because we were all so freaking full from the whole day's food expedition...

"Ark bak kuey teow thng"
Okay, so I'm just being really mean...it's actually duck's meat with kuey teow thng! It's a Penang specialty and you hardly find it elsewhere.

So now that you've been tempted all night long, I shall just reward you with ONE camwhore picture and leave you alone. Good night, people!!!

Fatty after 3 days in Penang! :(

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