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So my adventures has come to an end! I must say that I am actually feeling a little sad yet I'm glad at the same time. Just imagine the pounds I'd continue to put on if I were to be in Penang any longer... (I will NEVER fit in my shorts EVER again) but at the same time I do miss spending time with my dear grandparents (the emotional post comes later!) so I guess that fits the bill on why I'm having such mixed feelings.

Anyway, allow me to continue on the what is truly important. Food. The Penang adventures may have come to a halt yet the journey back to KAY-EL (I was truly tempted to have that as my post title) was just as satisfying as the one vice versa. And thus, we stopped by...Ipoh for food! Talk about returning to my roots. (My father is from Ipoh and my mum's from Penang but I'm a true KL girl. It kind of makes me 25% an Ipoh girl, 25% a Penangite and 50% a city girl. Buy the idea? If you don't, it's just too damn bad!)

So marvel at my horrible photography skills and keep drooling in the middle of the night hoping for a bite!

Ipoh's bean sprout! They are super fat, super crunchy and super yummy!

Ipoh "Lou Wong" 's chicken! Smooth and succulent to taste...

Ipoh "hor fun" that is amazingly smooth.

So as you could figure, we went off to the highly commercialized "Lou Wong Nga Choi Kai" at Jalan Yau Tet Shin for lunch. The "hor fun" with the chicken stock was quite bland but when you combine it with either the bean sprouts or the chicken alongside with the soy sauce, the oozing taste of awesomeness would be dancing by your taste buds! I kid you not, it was THAT good!

After a burping good meal that came up to RM 48.50 with drinks, we went along the road in search of Ipoh's "tau fu fah". Okay, so we didn't exactly "search" for it because we already knew the stall we would be heading to. It was none other than...Funny Mountain! 

The smooth and delicious "tau fu fah" from Funny Mountain at only RM 0.90 a bowl!

Needless to say, it was no funny business at Funny Mountain! The queue is usually really long but I suppose we went at an ideal time thus we got ours pretty fast. But fret not even if you happen to meet the rush hour. Their service is really quick and I'm sure you'll be served in no time too. It's a tiny corner store just by Jalan Theatre so keep your eyes open if you're really interested to seek for this place. Oh and by the way, they have a really cute opening hour. If you were to look at the signage, you'd notice that it says 10.30 am till "we finish". That's right! They do not have a designated closing hour but they go by finishing up their stocks. I suggest going early or you'd return with empty hands!

So ends my journey...but wait! I do have more pictures for you to drool over. I had forgotten to serve you with these pictures of my first day's eating habits! I apologize so badly but really, with all these food pictures, I had seem to misplace them for a bit but they are now found and thus uploaded for your viewing pleasure!

Oyster omelette or fondly known as "o chien" in Penang. 

Will you PLEASE look at the size of those OYSTERS?!

Pork satay...(Many apologies to my Muslim readers!) - We ordered 30 sticks.

But clearly it wasn't enough. So we had to get 20 sticks more!

I really must apologize a million times to my Muslim readers for posting up pictures of pork but honestly, I can't please bear with me. You can find those yummy delicacies just along Jalan Air Hitam and you could look out for a Shell petrol station. A good way to look for this little coffee shop is to spot Asia Cafe along the same road just in front of the roundabout if you're coming from Jalan Bukit Bendera and to head to your 12 o clock direction on the roundabout. If you are coming along Jalan Sempadan, look out for a Nissan showroom right by the traffic light and turn right. When you see the Shell station, look out for a corner coffee shop that is crowded with a whole bunch of locals. It is opposite a tiny sundry shop. Happy searching. (Sorry about me giving directions. I am honestly horrible at it.)

P/S: What's a post without my loser poser face?

Here I am, snuggling with my Wystan. Yes, my angry bird is named after my boyfriend who is equally as grumpy. The only difference is, my boyfriend isn't red and does not have a beak. Otherwise, they're just the same. Oh, and my boyfriend's not so fat. He's on the way though. :P

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