By Elie - 8:01 AM

As promised, I'm about to get a little in touch with my emotional side after much hype about my food adventures. And who better to talk about grandparents?

It hurts to know that I only return to my hometown (is it even considered my hometown when I'm actually born and raised in KL?) about twice a year with a fair 6 month gap between each trip. Which means if I were to compile all the time I see my grandparents, it would add up to a fair 2 week period. In a year. That's 14 out of 365 days. The fraction is just drastic and yet those days are just an assumption. Additionally, we don't stay cooped up at home on all the days we're back so I guess my calculations has just gone down the drain.

I have this sudden urge to call myself as someone who is not filial and the guilt is just so much to consume. So just in case no one knows this (as if!) I'm just going to tell each and every single person of you out there, love your parents. Love your grandparents. Heck, love your whole family! Quit hating your sibling (I hate my brother! Hehehe...) and start kicking up some love!

And to my forever awesome grandparents who insists on feeding me till I look like some fat, sloppy pig...I love you guys. Om nom nom nom. No okay seriously...I love you guys. I'm going to go pick up the phone and actually say that now. Bye.

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