Construction time

By Elie - 6:51 AM

Now, as some of you may realize...the blog has been undergoing quite a number of constructions and they range from the header to the background colour and even to the name of the blog. No worries though, my URL will always remain as is because I would never forget the man who had inspired me to write once more.

Do bear with me as I go on a trial and error frenzy with my header as I am trying to put what I've learned in my second semester to good use. You may also notice that I am a horrendously horrible person when it comes to being creative. My world is full of boxes, lines and straight stuff. Curls don't do me well.

I love all you readers who have stuck through with me while everything happened and for those who has just come on board, WELCOME! The ride is rocky but I assure you that everything is an adventure before you reach your destination. All you haters out there, (no, I'm not replying with anything rude) I don't really care what you have to say. At least I have a life and I'm updating my blog with whatever I feel than going around with such anger at heart. Look who's crying now?


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