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I'm so horribly ticked off at this moment that the only thing I'd love to do is to stuff that stupid kid who is running around making stupid siren noises in a hole and taking a cane to smack him! Honestly, parents out there. Do you not discipline your child?! Do you not tell them that running around in a TINY and crowded cafe is wrong?! Do you not realize the shame they are bringing to you?! How your kid is bloody reflects how great a parent you are. And CLEARLY, you do NOT care.

Of course, given the fact that my father has been specifically strict with me, it is only natural that I am similar. You do NOT at ANY time allow a kid to run around screaming their heads off because it's a freaking nuisance to people who would like to just enjoy their Sunday break. Really, if your kid cannot shut up and walk around by your side, just leave them at home or bring them to some daycare or play zone. You do NOT at ANY time bring them into a mall or worst, a tiny Starbucks cafe that is crowded. Because then you not only prove that you do not spend any moments in life to educate them between right or wrong, you also prove that you fail as a parent. Do you feel no shame? DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPELL SHAME?!

Sigh...the things I have to endure on an innocent Sunday evening. There's even some random guy who is modelling himself around with his new coat. And he's wearing basketball shorts. Talk about a fashion crisis. At least HE'S entertaining.

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