Hi I'm Elie and I'm from IACT

By Elie - 12:34 PM

If there is absolutely one more thing I despise doing now, it will be TELEMARKETING. I swear, picking up that phone for about 219 times or more with the same tone of "Hi I'm Elie and I'm from IACT" is sufficient to make me SICK. My only entertainment of the day? Caller ringtones. Seriously, today is the one day that I am glad they ever invented something so amazingly funny. I'd be Chinese for a while, turn Indian in a flash and Malay suddenly.

And here's one more thing I just don't get about humans. Why...honestly WHY would you get a cellphone is you were not going to pick it up when a call comes through? Don't put the blame on me though, I don't give up on the first ring. I'd call up TWICE or sometimes THREE times yet all I'm getting is a good "TODAY I DON'T FEEL LIKE DOING ANYTHING" blasting out of the earpiece...yeah I wish I never had anything to do today too. So the one lesson I've learned today? Respect those telemarketers. They deserve better than our grunts and stupid complains that they are annoying. Yesiree, I have learned my lesson.

"Hello I'm Elie and I'm calling from IACT College in Jaya One. That is along Jalan Universiti in Petaling Jaya and my questions today is as such: Would you like to be shot in the head today? Clearly, I am not in a good mood because most of the people I rang up were either ignoring what I had to say or didn't understand anything because they didn't give two hoots about telemarketing calls. So listen, before I scream in your ear."

You did not just witness my violence. I'm nicer than that. I swear I am.

P/S: I got through one phone call where the mother scolded the son for not speaking on the phone properly though. Oh, how entertaining people could get.

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