A different kind of sausage

By Elie - 5:57 PM

What a title. And truth be told, it came to me while I was taking my shower. People are right when they say that you get all inspirations in the funniest of places. So anyway, what I have for you good ol' readers out there is a different kind of sausage!

Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob. You read that right. There is a sausage out there named Bob. Nah...I'm kidding. That's actually the name of the band I'm going to introduce you to. I'm aware that it's a mouthful but hey! We all love special things and that name does make you want to know more, right? We college mates address them as Bob the Sausage so you're free to call them as you feel.

Who are they? Well, here's some information for YOU to know. First and foremost, the team. We have *drumroll please* Esty Richards as the lead vocalist and the ONLY female in the band. Talk about being the rose among the thorns! Following which we would find Jared Lee and his brother Lee Wei Chen who are on bass and guitars respectively and then we'd find Anthony Lee as the lead guitarist and last but not least, JC Lam on drums! (Mark my words and spot the cutie in their band!) I was joking!!!

 [L > R] Wei Chen, Anthony, Esty, Jared & JC Lam

So, what's so great about a regular college band? Here's what. They were formed only in 25th November 2009 yet they've been to places such as KL Live Centre, HardRock Cafe KL, MOS @ Sunway Pyramid or Laundry Bar. What's better is that they've even won been to battle of the bands and have harvested a fairly decent cupboard of trophies some being the Top 20 out of thousands of bands over the Asean Region in the Tix Band Competition held by Air Asia, Volkswagen Polo Rocks Competition (2nd Place) and they were even been invited to play at Esplanade, Singapore earlier this year! In a rather more recent affair, they were nomited for Astro Hitz's The Music Video Grant which allows them to produce a music video so keep your eyes WIDE open for that!  In fact, thanks to the Volkwagen Polo Rocks Competition, they have landed themselves in a 12+ track album recording which was released just around the end of July. (My personal favorites being Person I Am and Change)

There's me with their album that they generously gave me.
You'll want this on your rack, yes you do!

And here I am, telling you about how amazing they are...but WAIT! How would YOU know if they're really as good as I claim they are? Simple. (Here's something I've been dying to do.) Usually they'd sell away their debut album at a spanking RM 30 but I've managed to wrangle up a deal that lets you have their CD for free!!! FREE, I SAY!!! FREE!!! And here goes...all you gotta do is tell me when they were formed, leave me your name and contact details and POOF! New CD for you to blast on your stereos!!!

Oi! Why are you still reading this?! Get commenting...and yeah, there's only so many CDs up for grabs. The regular word sticks...FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!!!

P/S: You'll also find them updating their Twitter accounts so if you'd just click on that FOLLOW button, and voila! Steamy hot updates on their work! Don't forget their names now! They're Esty, Jared, Wei Chen, Anthony & JC Lam. For further information such as *wanting them for your event*, you're most welcome to contact Jared @ 016 - 3458785. Additionally, you'd want to "LIKE" them on Facebook too!

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