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I feel like I'm on a roll!!! Yes, I'm been so actively on my blog that I'm beginning to think that some people are getting annoyed now yet I don't really care. Okay now back to the title. This morning (or afternoon?) my family and I headed down to PJ for brunch before scouring the grounds for a place to call home for my brother. The most interesting things do happen in these eating joints, I swear.

Behind us were two tables that placed 2 old couples and the funniest thing was that BOTH the old men were talking to one another...across tables. Among their conversation details were "We're flying to London via Singapore Airlines.", "I'm old and contented. That's what's important now. Contentment." as well as "I heard they serve really good char siew in that wan tan mee place." No, I was not eavesdropping but I merely just *overheard* their conversation. In fact, I'm sure the whole shop overheard the wasn't exactly a whispering session anyway. But you know, what he said got me thinking. As humans...are we really contented?

As a living person, do we always seek for more? More adrenaline. More fun. More adventures. More money. More friends. More joy. So when do we draw the line to contentment? When do we find that enough is really enough? When will we find ourselves truly in a thankful state that we have what we already possess? I haven't got a say, because I'm still at an age where I am seeking for that extra zest in life. Perhaps I lied in my earlier days when I said that I'd be glad to just pass my subjects and live a simple life with my boyfriend because right now as I sit and await my results for my second semester, I realize how much I'd like to see a bright and gleaming 'A' on my transcript. I also realize how much I'd like for my boyfriend to take me on an adventure. Sure, right now all I'm asking for is just a simple and relaxing holiday but just a few nights back, I had requested for a trip around the world. Suddenly, THAT feels a little overboard.

Honestly though, how much is enough for us as humans? Eventually the two uncles quit shouting at each other and left the shop while we were all just left in awe on how carefree these old folks are. They don't care if you have to say that they are uneducated, shouting out loud at one another in a place full of people. They don't care if you know they will be out of the country for 2 weeks to go on a holiday in London and that Singapore Airlines had a promotion thus allowing them cheaper tickets and neither do they care if you know about their waistline. (Yes, one of them said it out loud. "I can't fit in size 40 anymore.") They're old and contented.

It's never really understood why as humans we'd always want more. We're so afraid of competition, of losing out and of being a freak. We're afraid to be branded, we're afraid to be special and we're afraid of having difficulties blending in. Which is why we'd always have the hunger to gain an extra jest out of life. But do we really need all that excessive luxuries? Do we really want all that just to be happy or is it just so others could say things that doesn't seem right yet satisfying because we fit right in?

So I came home today and started seeking for my own contentment. But funny enough, I didn't have to look very far. I found my was right in my hands after all. Pfft...silly me, right?

Year 1993 - The Lam family portrait. OH EM GEE I WAS SO CUTE!!!

Year 2011 - Penang trip with the family

How we started out - with the boy

Malacca 2011 with the boy

June 2010 with my babes

Honestly, I've found my contentment. Have you? If you're still seeking it, my advise is to stop looking at such a far off place. You already have it. Everything a bonus.

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  1. very well said :) u r all grown up now :) no more BBL.



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