A half and a half does not make a whole

By Elie - 9:10 AM

Listen to me rant for a quick while before I hide back under my blanket alright? I'm currently sick and my nose is running away from me thus giving me the voice that is weird and all. But anyway, after a really long break...last night my mum and I rode the KTM all over again!!!

My first comment: so much money has been spent on the KL Central station, yet ventilation is at it's worst. As I stepped down the escalator to head for Platform 4 and await my train, all I could smell was sweat and the disgusting stench of smelly foreign workers. I'm not being racist, I'm just wondering if they've ever heard of personal hygiene or a deodorant.

Second comment: I'm just curious if these cops are merely hired for show or to control the people. Because as the train approached, these cops were no where to be seen. Yet when the train doors were closed, they had suddenly appeared out of no where! Moreover, comments about having men in the ladies' coach fell on deaf ears and another sarcastically commented that there are more in the Midvalley station. Hello? The point is not where they came from, it's that it is YOUR responsibility to get these idiots out of a coach design specifically to protect us ladies! But fine, I'll let that be.

Mum and I were fairly lucky to have missed the first train because the second one came about 10 minutes later with less people. The same thing happened though...what with men simply sitting in a ladies' coach. In fact, as I started to tell my mum about it, this Malay man who was seated across grumbled about how we teenagers have no respect about old people. DUDE! YOU'RE HARDLY 60 YEAR OLD. And even if you WERE 60, don't you know how to differentiate between a ladies' coach and a coach designed for both genders?!

There's THIS for a reason!

Now, if I were not sick, I would have gone up to the man and start a big fuss about it but seeing as that I'd probably lose my voice halfway, I thought to just let it pass. Stupid guy. Foreigners followed suit to enter the coach and I swear, if they had gotten any closer to my mum and I, I would have kicked them to ensure they will no longer be able to bear kids for the rest of their lives.

Note the angry lady far left. Note the smirk on the guy's face. Note the disgusting look on the bald dude. NOTE THE RED SHIRT GUY WHO STOOD SO BLOODY CLOSE TO MY BLACKBERRY!!!

And that was taken pretty secretively. But just imagine, I had to pretend to be texting to take this picture...hence you could actually imagine how close they were standing to us. They smelt bad too. No discrimination, just the truth. 

I did like the moment when this lady could no longer stand the stench and told them off. She sparked off everyone's anger though and hence everyone started to shout at these guys. They finally proceeded to a different coach later on as we all finally took a fresh breath of air. As for the Malay guy, he left at the next station. Let's see how well that works for you, grumpy and irrational person! So here's a great big shout out to the KTM people...

If you can't afford to hire proper cops who would do their work properly, honestly just don't take them in. They create nothing but further anger in your passengers. Secondly, as much as your staff would like to go on ahead and break their fast, perhaps they would like to understand that driving the freaking train at break neck speed will not do them any good and furthermore might cause unwanted accidents. Really, it's scary and I had to pray to God a million times to let me live through the ride. Moreover, you might like to fix the air conditioning in your coaches. I could smell wet socks and some things best not mentioned. That was BEFORE the weird and idiotic foreign workers so imagine that. We do pay quite a lot as compared to other countries when it comes to public transports so I suppose the least you could provide us is a comfortable ride. At least I'd start to figure that the RM 2.10 that I had to pay you is not a rip off.

Oh and a quick shout out to the lady who had the guts to shout out to the foreign workers who smelt like had not had a shower in a week...KUDOS TO YOU! You're amazingly brave and I suppose we'd need a lot more of you around! 

Ah, now that all that anger is out, I shall just proceed to wiping my nose disgusting on the tissue and hope that I will be better soon. Hence I shall just show you a picture of my Wystan staring at a box of flour. Because I look like crap and there is no way in hell I will show you how I look like now.

My baby Wystan. Fascinated by flour. :)

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