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By Elie - 2:35 PM

"Do what you love, not for the sake of doing it but for the sake of loving it."

Just last week, I was told something that really struck me for the longest time. "Do what you love. That will bring you far. It can be anything and as long as you put in your heart and soul and pour in a lot of love, you will succeed."

For a while, it just kicked me in the guts. Did it mean that all my failures had to do with the fact that I never loved what I had been doing? Did it mean that I was someone who just did things because they had to be completed and that I had never been on the right path? Oddly though, it really felt like so.

Yesterday, my parents and I took a trip down to the old Subang Airport (Fondly known as SkyPark Terminal and used by mainly Firefly; the airline, not the insect!) to pick up an old friend of my father's; Uncle Patrick. The road, I must say is one of the most inconvenient ones I have seen. Honestly, you're required to actually go around ALL THE WAY just to reach a round-about to take a 6 o' clock turn before you go straight all the way again to reach the arrival hall. Rubbish designs, I tell you.

But the best part about the trip was the journey that I'm complaining about! Ironically, I loved it. It was far and petrol was wasted but I loved it. And somehow I realized that the only reason that I am loving it is that I could see all these airplanes all around while my parents told me that there were hangars around with engineering factories around. There they were, simply talking about such a-matter-of-fact thing yet there I sat in the backseat, thinking about how amazing these planes are. Then it sparked me once again. There it was. What I loved. This was it. This was what I once loved. This is what I love. And this is what I will love.

I'm going to fly. I don't have to care about what people are going to say...those comments about how short I am, or how anti social I am are just going to fall on deaf ears because I am going to fly! I'm going to be a part of Singapore Airlines (though they have no idea just yet) and I am going to be a stewardess who will rock every passengers' socks! Regardless what anyone has to tell me, from the horrors of being a jet lagged haggard to being far away from either my family or other half or even the facts that I am going to be a slave 10,000 feet above air is going to stop me from achieving this little dream of mine.

I am going to be who I want to be, because that's what I love. Me.

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