I love you...r money.

By Elie - 5:54 PM

Dear single and lonely people out there, there is no such thing as love via the internet. Please wake up. Regardless how desperate you are, just stop being so naive. Hang on, naive would be an understatement. Please stop being STUPID. Thanks

Suddenly I sound really mean with the statement as above but sometimes people just need a good smack in their face to realize some obvious things ahead of them. So what triggered such anger this time? Mum came home last night to tell dad and I about her friend whose friend had nearly fallen into this whole scam via love through the internet. And my first reaction? I smacked my forehead. Why haven't people opened their eyes? Haven't they read enough of the damn newspaper to realize that cases like these are just repetitive? And they said teenagers were rash and irrational in love. Yeah, I'm sure.

Love over the internet COULD happen but then again you'd be better off buying a lottery ticket and praying that your numbers are out in the papers. Let's face the truth right here. Do you really think that someone whom you've never met, just someone who has been contacting you through the telephone who claims to be some Italian or German would come and "marry" you after being in touch for a month? Bloody hell, I'm not even sure my own boyfriend would marry me though we've been dating for 7 months now. How desperate would you have to be to actually think that this mysterious person from the other side of the world who has never been to the country you call home would fly across the continent and flash you a 7 karat diamond ring only to eternally spend the rest of his life with you? And the same works for guys...come on...would some woman with a huge rack need to get on the internet to find "true love"? So she may be lonely, but I'm sure she lives in some country that definitely has men. Quit worrying for her anyway.

My final advice to you stupid people out there? Regardless how lonely, how sad or how desperate you are...DO NOT FALL FOR INTERNET LOVE. Be careful with who you're spending time with. "Romeo DeCasanova" will never be the person he claims to be. He could be some thinning, bald man with a huge pot belly and a whole crate of beer by his side. "Juliet St Andromeda" would never be the woman she wants to be because she's probably someone who has sagging boobs and a huge butt with a cigarette dangling by her lips. Sexy? I doubt. Be cautious about the person, please. If  "Romeo DeCasanova" has no one else but girls on his Facebook profile, I would seriously be worried. It's bad enough having to think that he could flirt so well over the internet, just imagine him with every other person on his list. Or in real life. Come on, a guy without a single guy friend? He's either a pedophile or he's got some serious mental and social problems.

Watch out for his words. Watch out on how depressing he makes his life sound. "My mother is dying. My father left us at the age of 3. My sister is currently selling her body to pay for her husband's debts and her children are suffering with having to work instead of study. Me? I'm just bumming around." People just don't ever learn. Eventually these sob stories turns into a plea for cash and soon a fool and his / her money are parted. I may sound evil and harsh with these words, but I can't help but to laugh at how dumb these people look when their reports are published in the newspapers. There has been more than enough reports out there with sufficient reminders that these stuff happen and yet people still go for it. God help the nation.

And for those who thinks I'm a nuisance when I talk about my boyfriend or bring him out or show you pictures of him, it is to tell you that he exists and he is not fake. It is to remind you that if there were a day when he hurts me, you would know who to look for. (I kid...I kid.) (But yeah, if he does do something, you should go hurt him for hurting me.) Tell your friends about your problems! Show them this apparent lover of yours to ensure he / she is real! Real friends sit around to share your happiness, useless friends would just walk away. As a friend, wouldn't you want to cover for your friend's heart? Wouldn't you want to care about the safety of your friend? Wouldn't you want to know which jerk made her cry or which girl broke his heart to make him drink like a fish? Watch out for your friend, pull them out of hell as soon as you sense something amiss. Isn't that what friends are for? Sheesh, the society right now.

And last but not least...desperate for love? Let me introduce someone for you to love. Walk over to your nearest mirror or reflective window or just put leave your desktop empty and black. Look in it. Who do you see? Yourself? Great. That's who you should be loving from today onwards. You don't have to have someone just to feel loved. You don't have to have someone to spread love. There's your friends and family for that. Not some weird stalker over the internet. It's about time someone realizes that love doesn't only exist in a relationship. If you can't take loving yourself, then invest on a pet. Dogs and cats make good companions. I talk to my soft toys and they keep me sane (or insane) so honestly, you do NOT need some other person to claim that they love you.

Sigh. My rant ends here. And if you're offended with my words or opinions, here's a piece of kind advice to you. You see that little X button on the upper right hand corner or your page? Yes yes, CLICK ON IT and go away. I'm just warning people to be careful and to stop falling for these scams that takes away not just innocently naive people's money but sometimes also involves their whole life. The only difference is that I'm doing it my way. And you have no say about it. I feel proud. :)

P/S: My boyfriend is real. Yes he is. And for anyone who thinks he's just someone over the internet, OPEN YOUR EYES and look. THIS is love. Not some dude without a picture on his Facebook account. (Albeit my boyfriend's display picture being an ape...)

For those who think I'm high on some substance or something, here's my confession. It's a drug called love and I've got bags of it. I'm not hallucinating, I'm just lucky.

PP/S: That guy in the picture? Yeah, that's the person you should look for if I'm ever hurt. EVER.

PPP/S: (Just in case my boyfriend reads this) Hi. I heart you. Now go and sleep.

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