All ado about that special day

By Elie - 4:46 AM

Okay so I'm not exactly posting this at 11.11pm on 11.11.2011 but at least I'm here anyway. And apparently this "special moment" only swings by once in a hundred years or so but I guess I wasted it away with...typing my boyfriend a message. Oh well, at least it was worth it. And the day so far has been pretty awesome minus the fact that my arms and leg muscles hurt so bad right now that I could cry, throw tantrums and start whining like a little kid that I think I should start applying some cream to it. Oh and I've got to go to work tomorrow. That means I have to be on my feet for 7 hours straight off. I demand to be killed tonight! I'll live by, I suppose.

Oh and there's this awesome thing I should be informing my readers about and it is this:

Check out contestant number 17. You got that right, people. I'M IN THE RUNNING TO BLOG MY WAY TO PROVE MYSELF WORTHY IN THE BLOGGING INDUSTRY! Not to also mention about the fact that I'm a little curious about how the launch is going to be. Special treatments, YAY! So yeah, do wish me luck okay? And expect DAILY POSTS from yours truly...because yours truly is going to look awesome after this; what with trying out Skin Food's new line in conjunction with the blogging challenge.

I'm hoping that by the end of the day, I look better and not as crappy as I do now.
That's odd, my hair looks longer than I remembered it to be! IT'S MAGIC!!!

And because I'm posting silly photos of myself, I thought I might as well just add one where I'm *trying* to look presentably cute. Clearly, I failed.

I should really be crawling into my blanket now. All my soft toys are waiting for me. Even my oh-so-fluffy pillow seems to be calling my name. I'm tired, so sue me.

P/S: I had to get rid of that stupid chat thing. It was just collecting dust right there and seemingly, the links felt so dodgy and what not. You're always welcome to leave me a comment by the end of the post because I do read them. I do, I swear I do.

PP/S: I don't know why but I somehow foresee myself coming back to the blogging world a lot more now. My fingers are somewhat itching to do a little revamp on the blog page too. While I am no HTML code creator genius, I may just be able to dig up something online to help me, no? Just something to consider. :)

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