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By Elie - 8:47 AM

Close your eyes, dear readers...and imagine this happening to you. You're due for an interview at 3pm. Your watch shows 1pm. And so you decide to head on out to grab the bus to the LRT station or that you're trying to get a cab from the LRT station to the office you're supposed to have your interview. Hey, it's better to be early and to leave a good impression, right? But guess what? Our buses are late. And you’d notice that there are no cabs around town because it’s lunch hour. You’ll also notice that there are people zooming right past you, enjoying the air-conditioning and bobbing their heads to the music that plays from the radio. And then you proceed to curse your luck. Then again, that’s honestly not a surprise. I've once waited for the bus to get home for a good hour and still there were no buses. Imagine the frustration of standing in the afternoon sun, clad in my school pinafore and lugging around my heavy school bag.

But guess what? Why doesn’t someone invest in a car? Why don't we start picking out a car that is fuel efficient, looks cool, is reasonably priced with a low maintenance and is about to take you for the ride of your life? So what's in your mind? I'd say most definitely a Myvi by Perodua cars. And where else better to be getting it than from this cool website called CarSifu? They're selling off both new and second hand cars that are guaranteed to be in a good condition. Myvi(s) are so famous on the road and seemingly there is nowhere that you should be visiting other than this website because they are a website that specifically works with cars of all sorts. They'll even work things out for you so easily that all you need are photostats of your salary slips, identification card and driver's license. Talk about convenience, eh? Plus, they've got contact all around no worries whether you're in Penang or KL anymore. So...whoever said you HAVE to be sandwiched in the rush hour period again? Or to be late for a date? Heck...whoever even said you ever had to wait for another bus again?

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