Day 1: And It Begins

By Elie - 3:44 PM

So, I suppose you've all been following through with what I've been saying...and so the magic BEGINS! Guess who dropped by at Skin Food, 1Utama this morning for the re-launch of their new store that sports a brand new look?! Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

 My goodie bag. The excitement!!!

A cute up close to their logo. They were established in 1957. Hey! They're as old as Malaysia's independence! How cool is that?

And after you've jealously imagined how brilliant it was to be there, come take a look at...THE CONTENTS OF MY GOODIE BAG!!!

 They gave me notebooks! A lined one, an unlined one and an organiser! Oh and check out that chio acorn pen that came along with the stationary set. All the paper was made of recycled paper and the ink used was with soy ink!

 My haul of the day, completely complimentary from Skin Food Malaysia!!! Thank you so much, Skin Food!!!

My T zone and U zone serum and Egg White Pore Clean Pads!!!

My egg white U zone serum and T zone serum!!! Oh gee, it's brilliant as ever!!!

The all generous Skin Food even gave me Black & Whitehead Cleansing pads and Pore-Refining Pads! Hey hey hey!

So, I'm in the running for the Skin Food's 12 Day Challenge in conjunction with the re-launch of their 1U concept store! The amazing part is that, I get to try out their egg white line TOTALLY free!!! I thank my lucky stars that I was picked as one of the 20 lucky bloggers who will be in the running challenge ourselves and each other in this challenge.

Watch this space, peeps. For all you know, you'll see someone COMPLETELY new!!!

 No more me? Or just a better me?

Keep up, folks! 12 days will just whizz past and you wouldn't even know what hit you! But please recognize even me after that, alright? And now...I nom nom. :D

P/S: There may be some people out there who are SO completely oblivious to whatever is happening in the world that they may not know WHAT and WHO Skin Food is, (Seriously, people? REALLY?) do click here for your access to Skin Food Malaysia's webpage where you will be brought back to Earth. HOW COULD YOU PEOPLE BE SO BLIND?!

[Edit at 11.36pm] : I've just gotten home and guess what?! I've applied the serum on both my U zone and T zone and my first impression is that IT'S SO FREAKING BRILLIANT!!! Unlike anything else, the serum is light and isn't sticky to feel because honestly, I HATE that sticky feeling after applying anything on my face especially considering how my hair loves my face and just splats itself on my face as if whatever I had applied was free glue. And funny enough, I had expected it to smell weird (because let's admit it...applying EGG WHITE to your face really does make you turn your nose in disgust. I know I have, it smells disgusting) but I was pleasantly treated with a sweet scent that is unexplainable. Loving it. I could make this a regular thing even after the challenge!

You will definitely want to watch as I progress day by day. I'll bet you 10 bucks I'm going to be a whole new me. I can't wait!

Long day at work and I come home pampered by Skin Food. Rawr!

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