Day 2: Sailing A Journey

By Elie - 3:45 PM

I'm here again! Boy oh boy do I feel refreshed after a long day at work today. Where have my customers gone?! But oh well...I've come home to be pampered by none other than Skin Food once again!

The first thing I have to say about this product? I love it. I applied the serum last night on my T zone and U zone only to have headed to sleep about a few hours later. On normal mornings, I would wake up with an oily face although all I've been doing is sleeping but this morning when I woke up, my face was not oily at all! So here I am thinking, YES! I'VE FINALLY SOLVED THAT PROBLEM ONCE AND FOR ALL!

And right now, I've gotten my hands on the Egg White Pore Clean Pad!

It's Food after all, no? Ohm nom nom...

So I've learned that although it's called Skin FOOD, it's generally ONLY for the skin and not for my belly. Meh, I'm going to down for a nibble of chocolate later on then! Moving regime for the day!

 Step 1: Black & Whitehead Cleansing Pad

This was step 1 of the clean pads and it was funny because I had imagined something that came in the form of a cushion or something. Instead, it was just a small pad with a somewhat oily feel to it but I suppose that is what helps with the removal of black and whiteheads. Immediately after rubbing my face in a gentle circular motion, I felt that my face was cleaner and I noticed that my pores were smaller compared to what I had before. Miracle? Or some egg whites working their way into all the trapped dirt in my pores? Hmmm...

Step 2: Pore Refining Pad

The pore refining pad. Again, I was expecting a squishy pad but this actually seemed more like a wet wipe except it smelled quite pleasant and the cool feeling it gave me was pretty enjoyable. Funny enough, it lifted away the oily feeling left behind by the black and whitehead cleansing pad almost immediately as it came in contact with me face. I suppose that's why it's designed as such with the names Step 1 and Step 2 respectively.

The result is a squishy and mischievous me!

Okay, that's just one of my worst photos from the webcam...but my friend Callie insisted it was cute enough to show to the world. My fat adorable cheeks reminds myself of a hamster with food stored for later consumption. Guess what? It enters Day 3 tomorrow, and I'm more than excited to have all that goodness splattered on my face again! Keep a close watch don't want to miss ALL this action!

Fun fact: Did you know that egg whites are good for your skin? It shrinks your pores, tightens your skin (suitable for reducing the appearance of wrinkles) and even helps to absorb excess sebum on your face!

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