Day 3: They Say It's A Crowd

By Elie - 3:33 PM

I'm back again! And eventually I was going to go and give the serums another try on whether or not it was sheer luck that I had woke up without an oily face. But guess what? I WOKE UP WITHOUT AN OILY FACE AGAIN!!! I swear, the serum works wonders! However, I'm only going to splurge on my cleansing pads once in 3 days because there's only a limited number of them and so I'm not going to waste them.

I love using the serum, honestly. Of course, the first thing would be that it completely gets rid of my oily face syndrome in the middle of the night (which means my soft toys no longer need to tolerate my oily snuggles) and then there's the sweet scent from it that really appeals to me. I think the last thing that smelled so good and I really liked smacking on my face was my pimple gel from a different brand. Given, I suppose now I no longer need pimple gels since the sebum secretion of my face seems to have been regulated. Plus, it's really easy to be used anyway.

All you need is an ample amount to cover your T zone or U zone (whichever bottle is in your hands) and you're good to go!

NOT TOO MUCH NOW!!! Or you'll be wasting all the egg-y goodness that comes in a little tube! You definitely don't want that to happen, right?

There's only 9 days more to my progression of how much this line from Skin Food can do for your skin. I'm really hoping that it helps everyone who would doubt the effectiveness of the product...because sometimes people just need a sense of security. I get that. But you have my word. It's a great thing. Now all you have to do is sit tight and await for its arrival into YOUR hands! Tomorrow lies another day...and I will be back!

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