Day 5: Lavishing My Way Through

By Elie - 4:33 PM

Day 5!!! I've been coming around so often on my blog that this is becoming a habitual entertainment. Of course, I would never forget that I'm still in for the amazing Skin Food journey. And guess what? It's already the 5th day of my road!

Of course, it's such great nom nom for my skin that I'm probably never going to end this journey at just what I'm "supposed" to. I'm just going to track right on and make it count. Now that I've already got such a great head start on making my skin become supple and smooth with all the egg-y goodness, I'm just moving on. In fact, probably there would come a day where I would not need to cake up on my pressed powder anymore!

Rub - a - dub - dub and you're good to go! 
In hand is the Step 2 to my Pore Cleansing Pad.

It's really nice to finally lavish on my pore cleansing pads again considering there are only 5 pieces of these rare babies. It's going to be a once in 3 days thing, so just make sure you keep up to how amazing it makes your skin glow and control your sebum secretion. This thing is magical, I tell you. MAGICAL!!!

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