Day 6: They Say Omen, I Say Amazement

By Elie - 4:57 PM

Whoa!!! Just in time to tell you guys how it's been for my sixth day into the challenge!!! That's about half the challenge gone ALREADY!!! It's really funny how time can fly by without a single warning! Anyway, my skin is getter better by the day and I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only happy one. You should ask my boyfriend, who now pays a little more attention to my skin (in which I am not complaining...because it means he is paying attention to ME!) and telling me that he notices how fine my pores are.

Anyway, having lavished on my pore clean pads last night already...I'm only applying my serums right now. It's a daily routine now and I'm more than happy to be committed to this whole challenge. I'm quite sure I'll be a loyal customer to Skin Food after this. Having said that, I am admittedly a fan of their nail polish (which comes in such pretty colours!!!) that is simply lasting and fabulous. Oh and take it from me when I say that...because I am really not the typical girly girl on the street. So if I say it's good, it seriously is!

It's getting better by the day!
P/S: Please ignore the larger than life eyebags. I've been working endless nights on college assignments and on a production script. I wonder if Skin Food has any miracles in store for that!

It's the sixth day now and it's approaching a whole week since I've embarked on my journey. I feel proud. I do. Thank you, Skin Food. I'm happy as can be! :)

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