Day 7: It's Been A Week

By Elie - 4:43 PM

Hey there peeps! It's already been a week since I've gone on a blogging frenzy about my Skin Food experience but it's not stopping until I'm actually ready to. So the day has been mad long; kicking off with classes at 9am that was accompanied by a presentation, a shoot for a production by the company Crazy Clown Productions at 2pm all the way to 6pm, striving through the traffic with my father from 6pm to 7pm and then dinner with the family in conjunction with the old folks' 27th year wedding anniversary only to come home around 9pm and be mesmerized on how to make scones and bread with my brother. But never mind all that, I'm here to show you...THAT I'VE CHANGED!!!

I have flawless skin now!!! Look!!! An UP CLOSE SHOT!!! (Ignore the pale lips, please. My boyfriend isn't kissing me enough. It's a freaking North Pole in my room no thanks to my malfunctioning air-conditioning)

Hehehe...I honestly hope I did NOT scare you off with that picture. It's out of pure silliness and the fact that I'm a little stressed what with everything coming on and piling up one after another. I'm not complaining though. I come home every night, have a shower and put on some cooling Skin Food serum! It's a fact though, the scent of the serum calms me in a very odd way and the cooling feel when I smoother it on my face is extremely relaxing. Again, I await the day I'm tearing open a pack of pore cleaning pack just so I can go ahead and exfoliate my skin while taking off any remaining black dots on my face or better just known as BLACKHEADS. I hate those. I used to squeeze them out; watching them ooze out of their supposed habitats and onto my nails then over to the tissue and into the toilet bowl. But right now, I no longer have to dirty my hands or watch all the dirt come onto my precious nails because...I HAVE THE PORE CLEANING PADS!!!

And because I'm a nice girl, and having scared you all with my ugly up close shot...I'm just going to reward you with...

Smile! It makes the world go round, it spreads love like no business and it's way better than frowning anyway. And I didn't spend heaps of money and endure tons of pain through braces for nothing, okay?! 

I'm rambling already. Oh silly me. Enjoy the weekends! I'm tearing open a pore clean pad on Sunday, I am. And I'm a little tempted to apply MORE serum on my face. Just for the sake of the scent. I love it. I'm obsessed with it. Okay, maybe just a little. Or a lot. :)

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