Day 9: It's A Long Term Relationship Thing

By Elie - 4:33 PM

Day 9!!! There's only 3 more faithful days till my Skin Food 12 Day Challenge ends and that would mean I could no longer tell you how great my face looks like (because I will have no more excuses to be vain as hell) but that does NOT mean I will stop giving Skin Food to my face. After all, through all the smiles, frowns, anger and every expression that needs my face to get over with, I think it deserves just a little bit of pampering.

So I guess you'd all know how much the Egg White Line can do for you now, so I'm just going to...give you camwhore photos of me working out the process on how I care for my face with the Egg White Line by Skin Food!

First, I pull up my hair with my head band (it's an OLD head band. And check out my huge eye bags man, seriously! I need more sleep. Or a miracle to just zap that away! Gosh!)

And then I tear open the Step 1 of the Pore Clean Pad; the Black & Whitehead Cleansing Pad. Of course, you'd know if you have read on my previous review that it leaves a oily feel...

But then there's always Step 2; the Pore Cleansing Pad to come and save the day!!!

That awesome possum feeling after Step 1 and 2...

Which leads me to applying my T zone serum then and after!

Don't ever forget the U zone serum! They come in a set after all...

Rawr!!! Everything is done!!!

You see? I promised you extra cam whore photos, didn't I? Love me...will you, do you?

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