Day 10: Jeng Jeng Jeng

By Elie - 4:51 PM

Guess who dropped by 1Utama today after class? I think the last time I ever had so much of time in my hands after last week would have been today! I really, REALLY need a break. But that asides...I WENT TO SKIN FOOD TODAY!!! I was uber broke though so I couldn't buy anything. However, I did ask the sales assistant if I could take pictures of the shop because I missed out on my chance on the day of the re-launch (I was rushing to work. I feel like I've missed out on so much. Sigh...) and she was really nice to agree but told me I could only take 4. Double sigh moment. Then again, it's better than I had to make the most of it anyway...

My mum will kill me when she sees this picture. You see the lady on the left? The one in white? Yeah...that's my awesome mum. Pic taken outside of Skin Food, 1Utama.

One look into the shop. All the goodies!!! I wish I had the cash to splurge on them!!!

The right side of the shop. More goodies!!!

The super nice sales assistant helping a customer out. Notice the arrows I've added in the pictures? Well...SKIN FOOD HOLDS THE EGG WHITE LINE NOW!!! The black arrow shows the Pore Cleaning Pads, the red one shows the T and U zone serum and the blue one is the egg white mask. Now you'll know where to find them! They're on the right side by the way. :P

What's a post without me camwhoring? Hehehe...super loving the fact that my face isn't oily anymore. Yay T and U zone serum!!!

I can even do that to my face without my finger being blotted in oil anymore!!! HAPPINESS!!!

Yeah, as you could see, I've gone a little hyper on the picture fest for you. But that's okay, you'll be seeing more tomorrow or so. I've got a camera in hand and I'm not afraid to use it. Not at all. Skin Food, the adventure has been great. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The product has been helping me out majorly on the facial oil problem. FINALLY found a way to stop it for good. The egg white line is THAT good. And trust me when I say it...because my face is so oily, I can make banana fritters when I use an oil blotter on it.

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