Day 11: The End Is Near

By Elie - 4:35 PM

Oh no!!! It's already the 11th day of my challenge...which means tomorrow is my epic finale. I should really be making you guys drool over how awesome it has been to not spend a single cent and yet have flawless skin once more. I should also be shouting out to everyone that Skin Food now holds the Egg White line in their stores and you NEED to get off your chair and zoom off to your nearest Skin Food store to grab your share of the line. By the way, if you spend more than RM 200 starting the 24th of November till whenever they run'll get a pretty charm bracelet absolutely FREE from them. For more details, read about it here. You may have to like the page first though. So worth it.

Enough rambling, back to my pretty pretty face thanks to the Egg White Line, it is still not oily! Hahaha I'm totally looking back and thinking about the last time I woke up with an oily face. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ANYMORE!!!

Catching up with my photography assignments...a photo within a photo appears to be my theme. No more oily, sticky residue on the LCD screen anymore!!! YES!!!

Scrunching up my face on purpose to "squeeze" the oil out of any possible pore that still exists. (Wow, they must be really strong if they're still there after so long. I can't see any myself, really.)

Trying to see if there really is any oil left back by glazing my fingers through my face. No worries, I've already washed my hands before I did this experiment to prove to you how awesome the product is in helping to control oil secretion.


Vanity level up by a hundred? Yeah, kinda. I'm feeling vain as I possibly could...but you know what? Who cares? My face is oil free, my pores are getting from tinier to none and it's honestly all thanks to the Egg White line. Next thing to fix with Skin Food products would be my eye bags. Really. Just one last picture before I leave you to check out on your Facebook or Twitter account?

Super happy to have oil free skin after so long. My family (or rather my dad) has an oily face too. I wonder if I could ever sit him down and let him try it. My fear is that he'd get more addicted than I would. Or I should make my boyfriend a guinea pig. His face is oily too.

Well then, vanity fair ends...and when tomorrow comes, it's going to be another day...just the epic finale. Wait for it. Wait for me. And tell all that oil on your face to start saying their last words before you decide to get rid of them for good. You're not going to regret it.

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  1. Gaaaah this is so depressing!!! Judging by the evidence you gave, it looks pretty solid. I can't wait to get my dirty hands on these products and finally wave goodbye to the oily face of mine ._.


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