Day 12: The Epic Finale

By Elie - 4:01 PM

It ends today? Really? It's already been 12 days since the Skin Food store in 1Utama has been relaunched and it's already been 12 days since I've started using the Egg White Line from Skin Food? So it's been nearly 2 weeks since I've started getting such nice skin with tiny, almost non-existant pores? I'd repeat over and over on what the line has done for me but honestly it's not going to be much if you don't go out and try it yourself. So seriously, take my word for it...go out there, bust your wallets and BUY THE PRODUCTS. It's not like I'm doing an advertorial for them...but it's just that good and I'd recommend it that much, really.

Still happy with the products that I've gotten on a complimentary basis. Feeling extremely blessed to have been part of the 12 day challenge by Skin Food.

It's Pore Clean Pad night! Step 1 and Step 2 right in my hands, completely preparing themselves to be used and to lift away all the dirt trapped in my practically gone pores now.

Loving my serum(s) for the oil free nights I've gotten since I've started on this skin care regimen. You deserve kisses from yours truly. (Nose, y u so big?!)

There isn't much I could say at this point except that it has been extremely revolutionary for me in every point where I've gotten from dreading my oily mornings to loving my face more and more every single day. One day, I'm positive that I'd be walking out of my house even without wearing my pressed powder. Skin Food, you're amazing. Who even knew that what we eat could be what our skin should eat too? Well then readers, I've been telling you so much that you NEED to go do something about your skin because you can't just HOPE for a miracle. You have to go and REACH OUT for it. I just did and I'm not regretting it one bit. In fact, I feel proud of myself. You should too.

One more vain picture of me, before I retreat into quitting this naughty habit of camwhoring. I feel so full of myself. But hey, don't I get to? Considering now that my skin's so flawless...teehee...

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