Out again

By Elie - 11:00 AM

Whoa...it's been about a week since my last (and pretty pointless) post. I guess time does past us by just like that. In a snap of a finger it's already November. Many have come and gone. Much has changed and loads have become different. There is love, there is hate, there are disappointments and there is something we call hope.

While I'm not sure where I categorize myself, I seem to feel comfortable wherever it is. Life could be better, yet sometimes I can't help but to feel that I should slap myself for always wanting more. Couldn't I just be content with whatever I had? Couldn't I live with just enough? Why am I seeking for more when more is simply overrated? Well...I may not understand and in a way, I suppose no one can. Funny isn't it, this thing we call life?

I've been seeking for odd jobs all over now...ever since that huge gap since my previous job with Marquise went down the drain that is. The writing career isn't taking flight for me as it would seem that people are looking for experienced writers with a different flair and more time. Me? I'm  just a part time girl with a passion to do whatever she hopes to. Maybe that's where the problem lies, yes?

Promotional jobs don't do me good...but they're all I have for now. Call me Ms.Banana Boat. :)

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