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By Elie - 7:23 AM

I had no idea I had passed my 100th blog post and I'm more than disappointed in myself...but anyways let's just get pass my emotional stage and get along with what I've got this time around.

So my parents and I were having breakfast in our regular joint in PJ and seemingly, interesting things do happen. This young couple walked in with their little girl and a maid only to have the little girl running around the shop with the maid tailing her. And the parents? They sat next to each other...yet they just weren't speaking to each another. But instead what could they be doing? Playing with their phones...honestly it was just so disappointing to see that.

How could it be that you're married to each another with a child and yet you are not speaking to one another but instead looking at your respective phones? What could be so interesting on your phone that takes you away from your actual responsibilities of being a parent to a young child? How could you just leave your child to your maid? What sort of a parent are you?! Oh and not to mention that this child was running around, with some plastic of some sort, screaming her lungs out and just making a ruckus out of anything. I'd say I'm irritated, yes I am. I never have such tolerance for children who screams for no reason and God help me, I had wanted so bad to pick her up, put her in a child seat and look her in the eye as well as tell her to shut up. But no, I could not do it and so I just resisted the urge to do whatever I had wanted to.

Oh and here's another thing. It's a relationship that requires mutual understanding and yet this is what you're doing? So this is why relationships fail? And this is why kids feel so distant from their parents. It's ridiculous because you'd see that parents are complaining about how kids are "in their own world" and "ignoring their parents" or "keeping themselves away from sharing with the elder folks" but if you'd ask me today, it's how they grew up. It's what they've seen since their younger age and it's what they have learned from Day 1. Their phones could be a lot more interesting. Gaming consoles understand them better. Or maybe...just maybe...their Facebook account is just a lot more fun than having to speak with parents who don't exactly care.

Maybe not all parents are the same...but are we looking at majorities now?

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