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Seemingly, I had a lot of rage in my previous post...and I'm fairly ashamed of myself. Yet, I shall seek no forgiveness for something so true. Stop being judgmental, okay people? Well, let's have a quick look at whatever has been up my sleeves since that day.

First thing's first, I'm at the end of my mid-term break. Yes, shamefully I've been on my mid-term break and yet I have not been blogging. I feel like such a failure! But really, nothing much has happened. It's just the same old stuff for me now. Oh, we've picked out my grandfather's final resting place now. His "home" looks pretty okay...and it's good enough for me to just tilt my head up and look. What? I'm short, so sue me! I went to Malacca again on Wednesday with the boyfriend and a few of my friends. Such fun! I could do these road trip things once in a while you know? And I baked a cake yesterday!!! By myself, nonetheless!

I baked this. I baked this. I baked this!
It's called a Lemon Drizzle Cake and the glossy look you see is actually lemon juice and syrup. Yum!

I know. I take such pride in that right now. The family is approving as of now that it tastes fairly decent. But I must say, if I were to make this my permanent hobby, there might be a need for me to go clothes shopping very soon. Sigh...

Oh...but I must add this one very important detail to today's post. Friendships are sometimes worth a lot. Remember the most tiny details are sometimes just what makes their day better. So to one of the best friend in my life who has stood by my side through thick and thin as well as through every damn shit, Happy Birthday. I love you forever babe. You're awesome, Low Sue Yin. Don't forget that, even for a second!

We need a better picture. Period. =.='

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