God made everyone the same

By Elie - 5:37 PM

Fair warning to you people: I'm in a pissed off mode. Another fair warning: I love all people. Black, white, girl, guy, just any random people.

I walked past this man just outside of Watsons, Amcorp Mall this evening and he wore a shirt that said "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" along with this small pictorial of two men and a huge NO sign on them. Dear God, thank you for granting me the strength to refrain from punching him in the face and shoving my shampoo down his throat. What the hell is wrong with you people? God created everyone to be the same. Who are you to say no to love? Who are you to constitute what is right and what is wrong? What give you the rights to question the legality of homosexual people? Aren't they human too?

Quit being so shallow minded! What's wrong with accepting the LGBT community as one of us? Are they someone with a contagious disease? If they're not discriminating against you, why on earth are you discriminating against them? How does being someone of the LGBT community make them someone sick or wrong? So just because a man holds another man's hand, they are gay? Just because a woman lies by the side of another woman, they are gross? Here's a few questions then. Are wars wrong? Are abortions rightful? Are murders based on self defense legal?

What constitutes something as right or wrong? What constitutes faults or praises? What constitutes the acceptable and the not? What constitutes legality? Does it make any difference if the lovers are of the same gender or not? Love is love itself. It is pure and innocent. Tonight; like every other night, I raise my hands up high and shout out loud on top of my lungs that I love you LGBT people! Be proud of who you are. Be proud of who you love. And be proud of your life. You're special and you should let no one take that away from you.

Oh...and I still despise that fat, pot bellied, balding, short and idiotic man with that shirt. God forbid I meet him once more and I shall kick him in his shins and make him apologize.

Are we lesbians too now? Are we sick as well?

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