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By Elie - 3:51 AM

I'm officially 19 and yet I forgot to blog about it! Yarghhh how could that have happened?!

Hello people! Yes, I'm alive! (How unfortunate for you haters.) It really feels as though it's been a decade since I've clicked on that "New Post" button but here I am all the same! So what's been up lately? Work. Studies. Work.

Let's photography skills are going no where but my Photoshop skills are mighty fine. Imagine that! Me fooling around with Adobe Photoshop. I feel proud of myself!

 Photo and editing by yours truly!

 Capturing moments of glory, Keep Walking by Johnnie Walker. I'm awesome, I know.

My other assignments are just working out piece by piece, moment by moment and there's this huge whiff of thankfulness in me that my lecturer has not decided to slice me in pieces. Yet. I do hope the whole NCSM thing will work out in the end though. Kill me if it doesn't. On a not-so-awesome note: literature is uber torturous. I mean, come on. I honestly don't care how literature works...and I somehow just see no connection between mass communications and literature. What am I going to do? Bore my clients to death? Seriously, don't even get me started on my Malaysian Studies. Cause when I start, it's going to be hell on earth. I'll just leave it as that it is a ridiculous subject that is useless and if you ask me, it's all crap.

And then of course, there's work work and more work. I've seriously yet to complete that silly copy writing project because my client is being a fussy person perfectionist. Oh and there's also a job I've recently acquired from Live & Inspire whereupon they have sent me to...Johor for a day! And yes, here I am updating right from my hotel room in Johor. How awesome is this?! Of course, the stupid shock I got when I plugged in the supposedly free internet just threw me off my feet for a while (they wanted to charge me RM 10 for an hour of usage. ONE HOUR.) but it's okay now. I'll just stick to my loyal P1. (Yay for a portable Wiggy!) Now, I'm supposed to go and take a rest before tonight's event and dinner. Wish me luck! :)

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