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It's horrible how I'm coming back once in a while just to leave all of you a silly little rant and very often I feel guilty that you have so much to digest at once. But do bear with me, I'm having my finals and it's not exactly the easiest thing ever. So let's see what's been up in this whole hectic week. I've completed 70% of my photography assignment!!! I'm happier than I ever can I've got some pretty awesome shots taken. And because you've been such awesome, lovable people...I shall reward you with...

That stupid boy of mine.

 A little side of me you will never see...

A whole new technique learned...

And I've also completed TWO papers which leaves me with PR and Sociology right now. One by one, the sticky notes I've got on my desktop are reducing. I am finally looking at my wallpaper again!!! Which really just reminds me that I have to start editing photos and make new wallpapers. It's getting so boring to look at the same ones over and over. So much to do!

The Skin Food journey has ended...and no I didn't win the iPad 2. Someone else did...but it has been an experience to have gone through that. Plus, I was given RM 75 worth of cash voucher and a pretty cool gift set of the chocolate nail enamel line they're launching in 2 weeks time. I do feel happier.

My photography skills are nothing...but something.
(Oh and they were nice enough to give me a nice slab of Royce's milk chocolate. Can't wait to sink my teeth into that. And get fat. Sigh...)

Unfortunately, I've still got 2 more papers to go and I'm so afraid that I'm going to ruin my nails if I were to paint them and sit for my papers. So I shall save the review till next Saturday or so. I'm sorry, good ol' fans. But I assure you, I shall paint my nails soon. VERY soon. 

I've been off to watch "The Apple Of My Eye" yesterday with my bestie, Callie and I must say it was quite a shock that I loved it as much as she was excited about it. The lead actor is pretty cute too. I think the only reason why so many people liked the movie was that everyone could relate to how it was in their younger days. The mischief, the jokes and all the puppy love with sparks that fly...everyone's been through that...once at least.

Never expected that I'd walk into a cinema for the sake of a Taiwanese movie. But Callie was DYING to watch I figured I'd be a good friend.

I once had a feeling like this too...on this one guy I call Jer. It wasn't mutual, but it was fun while it lasted. :)

I've also been avidly shopping for my Chinese New Year loot already! I'm feeling grand about the few new t-shirts I've bought for both myself and the boyfriend. (Shopaholic alert!) However, it does give me a painful feeling to notice that money goes out quicker than it comes it. Sometimes, we've got to learn to have some self control. In which, I shall stop spending like a fool now! Except on my boyfriend's Christmas present...which I have no idea what it shall be. I've been getting really funny suggestions...but none usable. It's disappointing.

Oh...and on a not-so-cheerful mood...I've been thinking of you a lot recently. All that we've been through together, since the day I was born to the day you passed on. Thinking of stories of how I did some "business" on you in my brother's school. Thinking of how you would buy me that white jelly from the market. Thinking of how it was when you picked me up from the airport as I traveled alone from KL. Simply thinking...of how Chinese New Year is going to be different without you swaying after taking one too many glasses of wine. Or your silly little dance of victory when I reach home. I'm sorry...for crying on a beautiful night like this one. It's just that I miss you too much. And I know it's not just difficult on me but on everyone else too. I know how much mum is holding back and how everyone is trying to be strong enough. Maybe it's time I learn how to do the same...but I feel too weak to do it anyway. One day I shall do talk about you without hiding away in the dark of the night to cry. To think about you without choking up on tears. To keep you in my memory, my heart and my thoughts forever. You once existed You exist forever. And I WE love you.

This post has been as pointless as every other post...but I just felt the need to get things off my chest before I turn old and forget what has been happening to me...and also take this opportunity to give a great big shout out to my father's classmates that I really am watching what I have to post on my blog now! Hello! I had no idea you were all my readers...but I'm really glad to find you aboard the train of my thoughts! Thanks for being ever so supportive!!! :)

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