PR is for Party Rocking

By Elie - 4:33 PM

L - R (Nichelle, Liyana, myself, Wen Qi)
Crazy people...happily rejoicing over the end of Public Relations

L - R (Sophira, Nichelle, Swea Ching, myself)
Joyous (or not) souls knowing that there will no longer be Public Relations

 L - R (Sophira, Nichelle, Swea Ching, myself)
But then again...

Sometimes, I just don't get what the point of studying and memorizing the facts in a subject is for. How often would you find yourself in a moment where you've been cramming more than you ever imagined you could only to spill them all out and put it behind you for good? I'm not ranting just because I might have screwed up my own Public Relations paper...but I'm saying it because it's really not a very intelligent thing to do. It's just ridiculous how much we are expecting to run by the book and yet life is all about having common sense. It's all about being street smart, and knowing how to please the right audience in the right place at the right time. It isn't all about how well you know the equation for E=MC2 or something of that sort and neither is it about noticing how it is to make something out of nothing. To be very honest, I find that it's just crucial to have life skills and to know how to communicate in order to survive.

How often would you look back and figure out the answers of a logarithm to help you out in a crisis? Or to seek the locus of whatever the thing may be? Truth be told? Probably not even a 5% chance. Unless of course, you're a chemist or science geek or a mathematician or even a lecturer / teacher in that field. Otherwise, it's just a whole lot more of memorizing, vomiting of what has been imposed and then everything just runs down the drain like it had never happened before.

But you know...these are just my random rants the moments after throwing all my Public Relations facts down the sewer of my memory. After all, who am I to speak for the world?

Meet Scott. He is disappointed with how he has sat for the Public Relations paper. There, there buddy. We're all here for you. :)

This is Bryan a.k.a Bryzoid whose page can be found here. You should LIKE that page, because he's got some kick ass photography skills for a young gun. My fellow...close enough neighbour. :)

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