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I had a long chat with my friend yesterday as of any other day that we always do and it was hilarious how he made things sound. As a guy, he had noted to me how it was in a relationship in the modern day that the girls are the ones setting things right. How was it possible to in a fight, a girl is always expected to make things okay again? And how is it that it was always right for the guy to make the same mistakes? For a guy to have told me such things, it shocked me. He was not helping people of his species (am I using the right word here?) but he was actually degrading them!

To him, he was noticing how it was for the girls to set things right again and how it was for a guy to run around for cover when trouble came along. It was how a girl was working hard to make the guy happy and it was how that same guy was tearing things down by himself. Sometimes that made sense. We as girls could sacrifice even the world for that one guy we love whole heartedly but could he have done the same? Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about my own relationship here but I'm just stating what he had meant. It seemed like a good debating point. And it also sparked a lot in my mind for my vivid imaginations.

Another thing he talked about was scandals. How many relationships out there have sunken and been buried in deep sand thanks to scandalous acts? But what constitutes a scandal? A night out for a drink? A trip up to a cold land? Or date out for a lunch? Boy oh boy...my boyfriend would have been caught in so many scandals, he deserves bullets in his head, pierced through his heart and arrows to his knees. (I'm not sure why I added the arrow to the knee joke, it just felt funny to have it there. A trendy thing to do now apparently.) Different people have different views on how a relationship runs. And yet sometimes we're too stuck up to see how the reality is. One thing for sure...if my boyfriend were really to be caught in a scandal, I'd kick him in his nuts, slap him across his face and leave him there to die. (Yes boyfriend, this is a fair warning to you if you happen to be seeing this.) And to every other girl out there, if you catch your other half doing something of this sort...you should take some action. Never allow a guy to take advantage of you. It's just wrong. So much for being the one who would care for your heart, wipe away your tears and shield you away from hurt. Bah, such rubbish. I'd be glad if my other half decides to just stop making me pissed off in the middle of the night anyway.

What constitutes a good partner? A dinner by the candle light? A night by the starry skies? Or a trip to the nearby mamak store for some good old fried Maggi and iced Horlicks? Was it the trip to Rome that mattered? Or was it the time together even at the cheap shopping complex that was accounted for? Did it really matter if he drove a Porsche to bring you out and feel a breeze in the wind or was it fine to enjoy a trip of being on the public transportation together; running after trains, chasing after cabs and trekking over puddles of rain water? Gee, I personally like public transportations with my boyfriend than to want him to drive an expensive, ridiculous priced car. That's where his protective times come out anyway. Like a puffer fish, he blows out his sharp spikes to intimidate any nearby sex crazed maniacs from grabbing any of part of my body. Somehow, it's a really nice feeling to be protected by the one you like.

Sometimes, it's not all about being mushy and lovey dovey. It's all about being realistic; to stop dreaming and to realize that Cinderella is really just a fairytale that puts kid to sleep. How long more can you live in that vivid lie? Honestly, I'd always tell every of my friend in a relationship to wake up. ALWAYS wake up. You could be in a honeymoon state for about a period of 3 months TOPS and it's just time to open your eyes and know the real deal.

Ah...this has been quite a fun post. I wonder if I'm going to have guy friends coming after me with a knife or girl friends telling me I'm rather retarded to even think of things like these. People, I'm not mentally stupid. I'm just realistic enough to know that it isn't all daisies and ponies nor sugar, spice and everything nice in a relationship. There's bound to be potholes, bumps and rainy days. Live it, learn it. And now, I need revenge on my boyfriend who has been snooping around my Facebook account. Really now...

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