Water Supply Cut

By Elie - 7:53 AM

"Welcome to our country, where the grass is green and the luscious water pampers you and blah blah blah.

Hello there. Welcome to a very pissed off citizen's blog where you will be brought into a realm of reality and filled with no lies. Today we shall be exploring the case of : WATER SUPPLY. As we live in a country that is seemingly moving forward, how could we have guessed that the two most important utilities namely WATER and ELECTRICITY would be affected with unexpected cuts nearly once in every month? And so returning to our main topic. Water supply being cut."

Oh God I cannot take this Ms.Nice Girl role anymore. Yes, my water supply got cut yesterday and you cannot imagine the level of sheer disappointment I had on my own country. Although I am yet to be a voter in my country, but I could already figure who's going to get my big fat X when I can. Honestly, we're supposed to be a "visionary" country with "big hopes" and "a forward thinking" with "up-to-date citizens" and "top notch facilities" and yet when it comes to a mere water and electricity problem, everything will always be "upgrading". My foot. A water supply cut will always be a nuisance to people especially to those who actually NEED water in order to make things work. Sudden and untold cuts like these would happen in backward countries that apparently does not include us. Well, think again now. For example restaurants, hair saloons that provide hair wash services, pubs and bars as well as laundry shops. Think about all the business these proprietors would have lost in that one day. Just imagine all the bookings that would have been cancelled for a pre-Christmas dinner no thanks to the fact that these restaurants cannot clean their utensils and cutlery in time to cope with the immense amount of customers. Or I'd even take the eatery place near my house for example. Say they had about an average of 200 customers per hour. And the water supply has been out THE WHOLE DAY (I'll tell how I've known soon) hence they cannot clean the plates in time, nor provide us with spoons, chopsticks and forks as well as the point that it is not quite possible to serve us our drinks because all the cups have been used up. An average plate of fried rice would cost us around RM 6 now and if we were to have all 200 customers lavish on fried rice, we would have lost RM 1200 PER HOUR. Of course, that's not all possible but just imagine that amount of money that could have just flown away.

It is ridiculous to live with these water cuts seeing as that we are apparently a country of "beauty" , "tourism" , "relaxation" and "fun". And seriously, water supply has been out THE WHOLE DAY. I had left my house at 11am yesterday and had only come home at 9pm. All day long, my aunt's been home with my grandmother and guess what? No water. Plus, I only took my shower at 11pm and that was via the water reserve because...THERE WAS NO REGULAR WATER FROM THE REGULAR SUPPLY. Imagine, that's 12 hours worth of dry moments and that's just my estimate. God knows when the cut had happened (I only woke up at 10am so yeah) and we have no idea when it came back on. 12 hours really is just an estimate because it could have gone up to a good 14 to 15 hours without any of us knowing anyway.

I wouldn't even be so ticked off if our water supply was clean, fresh and the pressure was good. But no...we're provided with dirty water that stinks of corroded metal, sounds of unfiltered sand and comes with a pressure that could be good if we're planning on bathing a dog that moves too much. At least then we wouldn't get ourselves all wet. Come on, we pay for these services. The least you guys could do is to provide us a safer thought of having proper water supply. Now I simply wonder why I'm always suffering from a stomach ache. Would it be thanks to the water I am consuming day after day? Imagine all the freaking worms that could be living in me. Yuck! (This is the part where I tell everyone to take Zentel once every 6 months. It's good to flush out these stupid worms.) My advise to everyone? Keep water reserves EVERYWHERE you are. Especially in toilets. Stupid water cut.

And no, I will not head on to how the electricity cut made me sleep in a tank top and shorts that are shorter than the regular ones I wear on one of those nights. I'm just going to tell you that regardless whatever, always keep a torchlight wherever you are. Ensure you have batteries in them, or these surprisingly magical "upgrading" cuts will catch you and laugh at your butt when you trip and fall in the dark.

P/S: Water has finally been restored. YAY TO A HAIR WASH!!! I feel clean once again.

PP/S: Spoiler to my next post that comes in a crazier and lighter note made specially for my buddy in cracking times, Becca:

She's Rebecca Tan and she will be in my next blog post. :)

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