Rebecca Black

By Elie - 7:56 AM

I mean... Tan.

Her soft toy was squishy...I had to.

I'd say troll but I'm too cool for that.

Have you seen us? Yeah! Us!!!

She dragged me in here! I swear it was her! No, let me go...PLEASE!!!

 Flight to nowhere...

I'm sexy and you know it. :)

Aye senor, I must admit I look better than you.

Veeeeery funny, Becca.

We got tired. Heh.

Admit it, you have never fell more in love with the both of us. Sometimes, a true friend isn't easy to find. Sometimes, fate just kicks you in a moment and you realize that two people can indeed spark up a friendship with just nothing. For Becca and I, it started out with...a single conversation over Sophira's status update on Facebook over a night market. Eventually it grew into lunches, Facebook chats, MSN gossips and crazy outings. Finally, whatever you've seen up there were pictures taken via my webcam in her house (in her room, away from her scary and cunningly monstrous dog) after our 2 hours' worth of nail painting. Hence, you should understand how crazy we had to be.

But you I said, a friendship is all about having two or more people sit around and have something to talk about. Sometimes, it's not all about pink daisies or fluffy ponies. It's about being able to be natural in front of them. All that poise, accents and fake masks can be taken away and traded in for a horrible bed head look, the typical market voice and a natural face free from make up. That's what a friendship is all about. Being yourself. Not to mention the fact that they do not judge you. They don't tell you what to do and they don't care if you insult them. That's what friends are for anyway. Insults. Insults that don't mean anything. Like how you could call one of them fat and they'd look at you skeptically saying "You're not very thin either, beetch." This, is what I would brand a friendship. Not the usual bimbotic, "Holy shit you look really good" with a tiny voice in the head saying "fat cow." That? I call that  being Hollywood backstabbing material. One day, you'll make a good Grammy actress with no friends. We'll see.

And to my very jealous boyfriend (because I've been spending way more time with Becca, Sophira and Callie nowadays as compared to that bloody fool) I still do love you. Its...a different kind of love on every side okay? :)

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