DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

By Elie - 1:16 PM

So...recently I've been contacted by Nuffnang regarding a contest that DiGi was holding out in order to reward a lucky blogger with a spanking new iPhone 4s. And here I was, still groggy from my sleep, staring at the Nuffnang page with blurry eyes in disbelieve. Really? A brand new i4s? So, stupid as I am, I pinched myself...and in recoil to my pain, I knocked my right knee on the fold-able table I use to put my laptop.

I am a retard, I am.

Alright, so with all that surging pain I did wake up and I realized that it was true. DiGi was actually giving out a spanking new iPhone 4s to a lucky blogger. Now...given that lady luck was really with me this time around, I'd probably get my hands on that i4s and the very first thing I'm going to do is splurge on a cover for it, buy it a screen protector and...PLAY WITH SIRI!!!

I wouldn't lie, I would obviously make full use of the secondary camera with any of my friends I possibly can catch around college and snap a picture with them later on. And then I'd connect my Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as my Hotmail account in order to receive ANY work or social related notifications anytime, anywhere. Of course, I'd finally get a Whatsapp account and have endless and free chats with my friends and my boyfriend. Can anyone please imagine the amount of money I'm going to save on my texts? 

But really...who wouldn't want to fool around with a Siri? I'd have endless silly questions for "her" especially when I'm bored and waiting for my boyfriend to finish up with fixing his car whenever I follow him out. Yeah, a Siri would be great fun. Or times when I'm waiting for my dad alone in college. Forever alone no more, people. I have a Siri. Just think about it...a Siri in my pocket. Now, whoever said it wasn't possible to have a person in their pocket again?

iSure Win iPhone 4S.
Yeah, that's how confident I am. I'm getting one and everyone's just going to watch me talk to Siri with envious eyes and laser glares. *Mock evil laughter by any cartoon villain*

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