DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

By Elie - 1:23 PM

Why do I want an iPhone 4S? Why? Do I really have to answer WHY I want one? Gee, we should really change the words into why I would NEED an iPhone 4S. Then again, I'm pretty sure everyone needs one. I mean, who doesn't? With all the amazing specifications that the iPhone 4S offers, there's more than just phone calls that I can make! Just imagine all these into one; a dual core A5 chip to run the phone quicker than a blazing light, a crystal clear 8 megapixel camera for beautiful pictures, 1080 HD video recording for any golden moments that you don't want to miss and much more who wouldn't want one?!

My reasoning is simple: it's an iPhone 4S. I WANT ONE!

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