Coke Semangat Truck

By Elie - 4:29 PM

So just before you're wondering what I could ever be talking about, I would suggest that you have a quick view of just about these 3 simple videos about a truck that has been spreading happiness around various towns. 

Amazing isn't it how people are just happy to be rewarded with a simple bottle of Coca Cola or petty little presents like tambourines and baloons or even a little stalk of flower. While we do live in a materialistic world, imagine the smiles such a simple little gesture can put on the face of a young child or even a grown person. Whoever said "nothing comes free" might want to re-think about the phrase.

Guess what? On this very day, I was greeted by the bright and red Coca Cola truck in none other than The Curve! 

The crowd, already lining up enthusiastically; awaiting their surprises!

Hitting the button and just waiting.

Signing up. This ensures that nobody can cheat and go for Round 2.

Three very happy people who got their gifts from the Coke Semangat Truck. Yes, EVEN the skateboard!

The crowd enjoying their free and ice cold Coca Cola.

I finally got in line. Look at all these people!

I'm getting closer!!!

A very crazy buddy of mine, Mei Xin who was simply delighted to be the 4th in line.

She pressed and waited for her gift. Initially, she got...nothing.

But her wait was worthwhile! The Coke Semangat Truck team rewarded her with an ice cold bottle of Coca Cola and a brand new set of headphones! (I hope you will still do your work, dear Mei Mei.) All I got was 2 bottles of Coke. Hmph.

Meet Edmund!!! Thanks, Ed...for informing us on the date, time and venue!

I've got a special treat for you this time too!!!

Check out the queue! As taken by yours truly, moments before Edmund approached me to join the fun. I must say, it was an amazing experience.

Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes. You don't need an expensive gift nor a luxurious venue...instead all you need is a splash of hope, a dash of spirits and a whole lot of love. It only takes a tiny second, and you can have it all.
Yeah, I don't suppose I have ever done a post that long with all these pictures. And I've never even gotten any of you a video like that, have I? Well, I'm improvising with just my phone camera. It was pretty sad that when Rebecca got there, the truck had run out of gifts to give out. Well, I gave her my share. After all, where's the fun in hogging away the gifts? It's technically still Christmas...and we should all still be in the spirit of giving!

Of course following that was my hang out session with Rebecca who was amazingly hyper today. I'm just wondering what has gotten into her because I have never laughed so hard with her...even in public! Really, she's gone mad.

This is my proof of her having gone mad. She actually picked up a Chinese New Year decoration and slipped it on her head! I hope we aren't blacklisted from entering Parksons from now onwards!

Thanks, Becca...for having come out with me today, taken me to have mee pok (MY DUMPLINGS JYEAH!!!), driven all the way back to 1Utama in a treasure hunt for a parking space, dragging me from the one end to another in 1Utama in search of paper bags and gifts for your boyfriend and his family, cheering me up with your crazy antics and sending me all the way to Amcorp Mall after that.  Sometimes, it's awesome to have such good friends who care for you and are willing to go an extra mile for you. Such love. 

Oh...and it's New Years Eve's Eve. Happy NYEE. :)

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