Before Apocalypse

By Elie - 6:26 PM

So...the year is already at its end and so much has happened. I mean, who would have guessed that in 365 days all these things can just drop and something in a person's life can change forever? Just a nice, quick and short recap now, shall we?

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

I got into college. I met a boy and he is now my boyfriend. I met a whole lot of new friends. Uncle Swithin passed on after a stroke. I got a part time job. I trusted in the wrong sort of people. (Sometimes, we grow from such faults.) I kick started my copywriting career. My grandfather passed on after a heart attack. My grandmother is now a permanent resident in our house.

Right, so that seemed proper and would be appropriate as most of the highlights in my life for 2011. I may have left out some details but never mind. I've got a memory of an ostrich lately, I feel weird. But any who, any how...what's the use of basking around the past when there's a future awaiting? Oddly enough, it's 2012 in about 3 days and all that people are saying is that it's going to be the end of the world soon enough. If it is, well so be it. I've lived 20 good years and I probably regret some things but life isn't all fair, right? If you've got some then you'll have to lose some. But as per usual, I'm going to continue on with my yearly resolution fix. I can't seem to find my 2011 resolution list but I'm pretty sure I did NOT hit 80% of whatever I had wanted. So the list this year? I'm not going to set the bar that high, I'm just going to do whatever I think I can.

Get jobs. Or copy writing projects. I need the money.
Grow taller. (This seems to be on my list every damn year and it never works!)
Stay away from too much junk food and do NOT put on weight!
Go on a holiday with my friends or boyfriend.
Treat my phone better so it doesn't die so soon.
Get internet on my phone, so I'm not as disconnected anymore.
Stop spending so much. It's unhealthy. (Ooh look! Sales!)
Start doing up simple accounting for my expenditures.
Kick ass on my college assignments and exams.
Organize my novels properly and not leave them on the floor.
Have some friends and not be as anti social. (This is going to be tough.) 

That's just it. Simple. Silly. And hopefully...achievable. I never said I would be achieving them all this year. But I could try. After all, life is all about trying, failing and trying all over again. Or at least I think it is.

Just a silly picture to end my 2011 with all of you. Thanks for having come by and think about how silly a person I am. It matters, even if you didn't read all the garbage I've written. It's the thought of a visit that counts. :)

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